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Biological medicines are now the largest and fastest growing segment of the pharmaceutical industry and the market is valued at over $250bn. The ability of biological medicines to target diseases very specifically makes them much more effective and much safer medicines. Yet biologics are significantly more expensive than their small molecule predecessors to manufacture. Typical costs for bringing one drug through manufacturing into the clinic are in the tens of millions.

Biopharmaceutical companies are striving to reduce the time and cost involved in bringing these medicines to the market. Finding solutions to this challenge will help transform the industry and benefit patient lives. 

Scientists need new tools to better understand and optimise manufacturing. Current bioprocesses are significantly under-instrumented. To first know and then control production better, we need new fast and rich process analytics. We believe our latest innovation – a portfolio of Artificial Intelligence algoritms known as CellAi – can deliver a step change in bioprocess design and operation, giving higher yields of better quality product.  

CellAi is a virtual staining approach that extracts rich cell insights from label-free, brightfield images. CellAi can predict viability, identity and stress responses. This technology will save thousands of laboratory hours and free up talented scientists to conduct significantly more tests in less time.  

We are now entering an era where technology and AI will power healthcare advances. Learn more about how CellAi can shape your scientific research by getting in touch with us today.  

Dr. Paul Dobson
Dr. Paul Dobson
ValitaCell Head of Data

Dr. Dobson is a biochemist by degree with a PhD in Machine Learning. He has worked for 20 years at the intersection of Biology, Computer Science and Engineering. He has published 35 peer-reviewed research articles, reviews and book chapters across bioinformatics, scientific text mining, drug discovery, systems biology and bioprocess engineering. At ValitaCell, Paul leads the Data Team, applying Machine and Deep Learning across the company's portfolio of analytical tools that support better biologics and cell therapy manufacturing.

Dr. Paul Thompson
ValitaCell Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Thompson is a cell line development scientist with a unique combination of education and expertise in bioprocess engineering, mathematics and statistics. Previously, he held the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Dr. Thompson has a Ph.D. in Bioprocess Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Statistics [Distinction]. Ben is a key inventor on a number of ValitaCell patents (Fluorescence Polarisation quantitation, Nanobody Quantitation) and he is a domain AI expert with patents pending [Cell Biology].

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