Cell Line Development collaboration with Andrew Alliance

Automated pipette

ValitaCell have announced a new, exciting, Cell Line Development collaboration with Andrew Alliance S.A., the robotics company. Andrew Alliance have developed a cloud-based software solution (OneLab) to enhance laboratory workflow. The collaboration with ValitaCell involves integrating ValitaCell’s cell line development applications into OneLab. This exciting partnership will combine ValitaCell’s novel analytical technologies with Andrew Alliance’s connected devices, and will have a transformative impact on the manufacture of biologic drugs. ValitaCell’s intelligent analytical technologies enable data driven decisions which, combined with automation and connectivity, will help streamline the biomanufacturing industries’ processes, to improve manufacturing productivity, speed-up time to market and reduce the cost of goods overall.

“Developing cell lines, reagents and protocols for manufacturing biopharmaceuticals is a lengthy and complex process,” said Piero Zucchelli, CEO and co-founder of Andrew Alliance. “ValitaCell have innovative technologies that are extremely suitable for automation, and by combining our two companies’ core competencies, we will be able to bring exciting solutions to this market which will simplify things greatly.”

“Automation of the drug discovery and development process combined with ValitaCell’s smart analytics provides a disruptive solution to addresses the challenges faced by the biopharmaceutical industry. We are delighted to collaborate with Andrew Alliance to bring these innovative new solutions to our customers,” said Dr Terry McWade, CEO and co-founder of ValitaCell. “This collaboration reflects both companies’ commitment to providing scientists with the tools they need to efficiently optimize their laboratory processes and make intelligent, data driven decisions during the drug development process.”

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