Cell line development partners deliver technology breakthrough

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A project consortium involving Solentim, ValitaCell and Microcoat has successfully developed an integrated technology platform for biologics and cell therapy. In 2019, the consortium partners raised €3.5M to advance the project which has culminated in the launch of the ICON™ instrument by Solentim. 

ICON™ is designed to enhance commercial laboratory workflows involved in development of new therapeutic antibodies. ICON™ offers both the measurement of antibody titer and automated cell counting on a single platform to report on cellular productivity, a critical quality attribute used in the pursuit of lead candidate clones. ICON™ can replace multiple, costly, stand-alone technologies requiring high-volume clone screening with a compact, multi-assay, low-volume system.

Commenting on the launch, Mark Truesdale, CEO of Solentim, said: “Through the FTI programme, we were able to bring together key technology components to realise a bench-top instrument for productivity assays. With small-volume usage, assays can be performed earlier in the cell line development process and by combining both titer and cell number on the same platform, provide fresh insights in the selection of high value cells”

Dr. Jerry Clifford, CEO of ValitaCell, added: “The launch of ICON™ will enable significant workflow enhancements in the development of new antibody-based therapies. Valitacell has expertise in in titer measurements and assay miniaturisation and we leveraged this expertise with our project partners. The commercial launch of ICON™ will transform productivity measurements in cell line development.”

The Fast Track to Innovation (FTI) is part of the EU Horizon 2020 programme. This project received €2.5M in funding under grant agreement No. 853886. The remaining €1M in funding was provided by private sources.

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