Molecular Devices launch ValitaTiter across North America and Europe

ValitaTiter IgG assay is available for sale in N America and EU

Molecular Devices announced today the launch of the ValitaCell IgG titer assay, ValitaTiter, available for sale across North America and Europe. The new assay will complement Molecular Devices’ workflow solution for cell line development by offering a 10-minute titer assay that can be run on the company’s SpectraMax series of microplate readers.

Producing rapid results compared to HPLC, ELISA, and Biolayer Interferometry, ValitaTiter is the most efficient assay for minimizing cost and time to results because it works in the presence of cells, minimizes dilutions, eliminates wash steps, and easily integrates into automated high-throughput cell line development and process development workflows. Integrating ValitaTiter and Molecular Devices fluorescence polarization plate readers produce a seamless IgG titer assay setup and optimization process allowing teams to realize savings on time and resources as well as faster time-to-market.

Molecular Devices’ technical support team and PhD-level field application scientists partner with their customers to create complete automated workflows to shorten the time to market for critical vaccines and therapeutics. This workflow will now include the ValitaTiter IgG assay. Molecular Devices’ long history of developing regulatory compliance solutions and software will ensure a streamlined regulatory and validation process.

“Integrating ValitaTiter gives us a great opportunity to expand our cell line development workflow even further, to bring therapeutics to market faster,” said Terrell Mathews, Vice ​President of Global Sales at Molecular Devices. “Using ValitaTiter with our SpectraMax microplate readers, SoftMax Pro Software, and automation solutions further enhances the reliability and reproducibility of assay results and enables seamless integration of the assay in regulated workflows.”

Learn more about the ValitaTiter IgG quantitation assay from Molecular Devices here.

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