ValitaCell shortlisted for prestigious innovation award

19 March 2021

Quantum 'At-line' recognised as cutting edge innovation

ValitaCell's Quantum 'At-line' innovation was shortlisted by the Irish Times expert panel for the Innovation of the Year Award for 2020. ValitaCell’s Quantum ‘At-line’ technology enables biopharmaceutical companies to analyse the quality and quantity of their cell samples in real-time at the bioreactor, dramatically saving time and money.

The manufacturing process of innovative medicines for a clinical trial or market launch can cost millions and these medicines are extremely challenging to manufacture. Quantum ‘At-line’ technology is directly integrated at the bioreactor, enabling rapid and accurate analysis. 

The lead scientists and inventors of the Quantum technology are: Dr. Hannah Byrne, Head of Biological Science and Dr. Ben Thompson, Chief Technology Officer. 

Dr. Hannah Byrne

Head of Science (biologics)

Dr. Byrne is a key inventor on one of ValitaCell patents (utilisation of Nanobodies as probes for target quantitation). She was previously a research scientist / Project Lead at Kymab, a biotechnology company based in Cambridge, UK. Dr. Byrne gained experience in the construction of bispecific antibody generation platform before making the transition into bio- analytics, formulation and project leadership. Today she leads the Biologics team at ValitaCell, including global customer-facing work and strategic partnerships. Dr. Byrne has a Ph.D. and MSc in Biochemistry from Dublin City University and she has extensive experience in Antibody generation.

Dr. Ben Thompson

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Thompson is a cell line development scientist with a unique combination of education and expertise in bioprocess engineering, mathematics and statistics. He previously held the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield and has a Ph.D. in Bioprocess Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Statistics [Distinction]. Dr. Thompson is a key inventor on a number of ValitaCell patents (FP quantitation, Nanobody Quantitation) and he is a domain AI expert with patents pending [Cell Biology].