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ChemStress- Download the Poster

MSC Functional Characterization by ChemStress technology for Media Design & Quality Control

ValitaCell Technologies Poster

Simple & Rapid Analytics for Proteins, Cells & Media in Bioprocessing

  • High-Throughput Titer & Aggregation Quantification
  • Clone & Media Formulation Selection
  • High-Throughput Label-Free Cell Viability

ValitaTiter & ValitaAgg Poster

Learn about ValitaTiter, the industry’s leading IgG quantification assay and ValitaAgg assay to measure protein aggregation and discover their advantages vs. technologies such as HPLC and ELISA.

Quantifying canine IgG with Valita®Titer

Technical note: Rapid canine IgG quantification using ValitaTiter

The growing success of antibody therapies in humans has spurred an interest in developing similar therapies for dogs. Download our technical note to learn how ValitaTiter can be integrated into a canine IgG screening campaign, to facilitate high-throughput, low-cost IgG quantification and relative ranking for potential canine IgG therapies.

Comparison of ValitaTiter to HPLC, BLI and ELISA for IgG quantification

Comparison of analysis attributes of ELISA, HPLC, BLI and ValitaTiter

Product brochure: ChemStress Robustness assay

Learn how you can maximize the performance of Clone & Media in biomanufacturing by integrating ChemStress technology in your workflow.


Application Note: Rapid Rabbit IgG Quantification using ValitaTiter

Rodents, such as mice and rats are the dominant host for antibody production. However, a host such as rabbit is able to recognize a much broader diversity of antigens. In addition, antibodies produced by rabbits have exhibited a significantly higher affinity. This application note demonstrates the use of ValitaTiter as a high-throughput, rapid and precise tool for quantifying rabbit IgG.

Antibody_Pink colour

Application Note: ValitaTiter with Tecan

Discover how ValitaTiter’s high-throughput assay, combined with Tecan’s microplate reader, enables rapid measurement of IgG and FC region-containing proteins.

Valita®Titer product brochure

Product brochure: ValitaTiter IgG assay

Learn about ValitaTiter, the industry’s leading IgG quantification assay and discover its advantages vs. technologies such as HPLC and ELISA.

Scientist using a Molecular Devices plate reader

Application Note: ValitaTiter and Molecular Devices

Discover how ValitaTiter can be combined with Molecular Device’s microplate reader to provide a high-throughput IgG quantitation platform for clone screening during drug discovery and development.

Application Note: ValitaTiter with Synthace.

Discover how your lab can reduce total hands on time by 55% by combining  ValitaTiter with Synthace software for automated, high-throughput IgG quantification.

Cell culture patent

ChemStress Chemicals Specification

Discover ChemStress chemicals concentrations, plate map and literature.