ValitaCell, Artificial Intelligence and a Biomanufacturing Revolution


The global scientific community marked the FDA’s recent approval of the 100th monoclonal antibody therapy with understandable applause. It was a truly significant milestone. Monoclonal antibodies have revolutionised Medicine.

At ValitaCell we are proud of our contribution to monoclonal antibody manufacturing through the analytical technologies we provide to our global, blue-chip biopharmaceutical clients. We are equally proud of the groundbreaking analytics we are building for the nascent field of Cell Therapy manufacturing.

Our mission is to transform how life-saving biological medicines are manufactured. Only with the right data can we streamline Biologics production and unlock the enormous potential of Cell Therapies. Our novel Artificial Intelligence tools provide the efficient cell data streams the sector needs to spark a bioprocessing revolution.

Even though cells are the heart of bioprocesses, industry does not have good tools for analysing cell state. Our CellAi portfolio of AI algorithms plugs this glaring gap by quickly extracting rich cell insights from simple label-free images to steer bioprocess design and operation.

CellAi replaces slow, destructive and labour-intensive cell staining with “virtual staining” predicted from label-free brightfield images. We can also predict viability, identity, stress responses etc. to generate the cell insights manufacturers need in the blink of an eye.

We believe CellAi’s simplicity and speed will be a game changer for our business and indeed for the industry as it allows radically new approaches to address key biomanufacturing challenges. With our AI tools providing the right insights, industry should rattle through the next 100 monoclonal antibodies, find manufacturing solutions for difficult-to-express biologics, and bring Cell Therapies to patients worldwide.

Our journey to transform biomanufacturing with AI involves tackling big challenges head on. We need passionate, inventive and talented people to join our diverse and encouraging team. We can offer you the chance to create lasting change for the lives of patients everywhere. If this sounds like the mission for you, get in touch with us today.  

Dr. Paul Dobson
Dr. Paul Dobson
ValitaCell Head of Data

Dr. Dobson is a biochemist by degree with a PhD in Machine Learning. He has worked for 20 years at the intersection of Biology, Computer Science and Engineering. He has published 35 peer-reviewed research articles, reviews and book chapters across bioinformatics, scientific text mining, drug discovery, systems biology and bioprocess engineering. At ValitaCell, Paul leads the Data Team, applying Machine and Deep Learning across the company's portfolio of analytical tools that support better biologics and cell therapy manufacturing.

Dr. Ben Thompson
ValitaCell Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Thompson is a cell line development scientist with a unique combination of education and expertise in bioprocess engineering, mathematics and statistics. Previously, he held the position of Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Sheffield. Dr. Thompson has a Ph.D. in Bioprocess Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Statistics [Distinction]. Ben is a key inventor on a number of ValitaCell patents (Fluorescence Polarisation quantitation, Nanobody Quantitation) and he is a domain AI expert with patents pending [Cell Biology].

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