ValitaCell attend Protein & Antibody Engineering Summit (PEGS) | Barcelona

Meet with ValitaCell at PEGS Europe

ValitaCell were delighted to be able to attend Europe’s largest biologics conference in Barcelona. Our Business Development Manager, Eligio Iannetti, attended the three day conference to meet our ValitaCell’s current customers and introduce our technology to new clients. While Covid-19 has impacted on the number of physical attendees, the attendance was still strong and was complemented by virtual booths and attendees from global participants. 

ValitaCell were thrilled to see Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca, Raj Mistry, present ValitaCell’s patented ChemStress technology which AstraZeneca used for clone profiling; testing CHO host cell survival in response to redox stressors. The full paper from Raj Mistry and collaborators is available here.

Selected slides from Raj Mistry’s AstraZeneca presentation during PEGS Barcelona

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