ValitaCell launch ValitaTiter PLUS

Antibody molecule

Press release:

ValitaCell, the biotechnology company accelerating the manufacture of biotherapeutics, announced today that they are launching the ValitaTiter PLUS assay at the upcoming Bioprocessing International Europe event. The extended range of the Quantum platform – ValitaTiter PLUS – can measure protein titer concentration across a wide dynamic range – while maintaining accuracy and speed.

Every day, researchers ask themselves a key question about their samples:  How much protein titer do I have? To get the answers, they typically need to run experiments on specialised instruments which wastes valuable time and sample. Valita®Titer PLUS now offers scientists a solution to measure antibody titer across a much wider dynamic range, from the same low-volume sample.

The ValitaTiter range of assays deliver the best of three key attributes — accuracy, simplicity and speed. With just 5 µL, ValitaTiter PLUS quantifies concentration in less than 2.5 minutes on a plate reader across concentrations of 50 – 2000 mg/L. Researchers working with a full plate can quantify 96 samples in less than 45 minutes. For heavy duty workflows, users can connect to a liquid handler to eliminate hands-on time. 

“We are delighted to bring this product to the market, which delivers IgG antibody protein quantification across a much broader dynamic range,” said Jerry Clifford, COO at ValitaCell. “Antibody titer is a key parameter that researchers must measure. Valita®Titer PLUS allows researchers to do this in a simple, speedy and high-throughput manner.”

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