ValitaCell & Molecular Devices webinar – High-throughput IgG Quantification

Molecular Devices & ValitaCell webinar

ValitaCell recently held a very successful webinar with Molecular Devices wherein valitaCell’s Head of Biologics, Dr. Hannah Byrne and Molecular Devices Senior Scientist, Dr. Cathy Olsen, presented a high-throughput, low-cost solution to IgG titer measurement combining ValitaCell’s ValitaTiter assay with Molecular Devices suite of microplate readers.

This webinar was highly anticipated given the importance of accurate and rapid quantification of monoclonal antibodies during the discovery and development of innovative medicines. The informative webinar was followed by an interactive Q&A from global participants. The on-demand recording is now available here.

Teams from both companies collaborated together on the co-marketing for the webinar and on content creation.

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