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ChemStress® is ValitaCell’s innovative technology used to improve your process analytics

ChemStress® technology allows cells and media functional characterization by mimicking bioprocessing stressful conditions in a SMALL-SCALE model & EARLY in the process. Combining ChemStress® biological relevant outputs with advanced analytics, we support our customers to achieve the highest level of bioprocess performance.

Biologics & Cell Therapy Applications

ChemStress® technology enables both clones & media quality and robustness testing in a small-scale system, early in the process and in an efficient & data-rich way.

ValitaCell’s R&D team is currently working on the development of the first innovative characterization assay for primary cells and media in the cell therapy space.

Principle of ChemStress® Technology

Clone & Media quality and robustness assessment enabled by ChemStress® allow you to look far beyond the standard quality assurance analytics that relies only on cell viability and titer measurements.

Validate the robustness of your media, select your best media formulation and profile your clones by assessing deep cell functional activity under stressful conditions mimicking known bioprocess stresses and challenging key metabolic pathways in a small-scale model and early in the process.

ChemStress® Applicability

You are probably running your media and clone routine testing during Cell Line Development, through Process Scale-Up and Optimization, and especially before starting and during Manufacturing. ChemStress® can be flexibly integrated into your standard QC testing at any stage providing more confidence to bring forward a specific media lot, the most robust media formulation, or your best clones.

Cell Line Development

Process Development

Manufacturing, Science & Technology

ChemStress® Workflow

Expose cells to stressors
Incubate the cells for 72 hours

Measure biological readout (e.g.cell growth &/or titer) with a standard plate reader

Advanced data analysis
Rich functional information

How do I empower my process with ChemStress®?

Use our fully optimized automated platform

Get your ChemStress® data on demand: Ship us your media samples and get actionable data.

Get ChemStress® plates in your lab

Execute ChemStress® assay in-house with our technical and data analysis support.


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