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We develop cutting-edge technologies and simple but innovative solutions to support the biopharmaceutical industry to deliver new generation medicines to more patients, faster and with greater safety.


Facilitates and accelerates high-throughput protein aggregation screening.

  • Non-monomer IgG from 0.5% – >/=20%
  • Differentiate natural dimerization
  • Broad molecular weight range


Facilitates and accelerates high-throughput tagged protein screening.

  • Polyhistidine-tag (His-tag)
  • More tag formats in development
  • Wide MW proteins spectrum


Facilitates and accelerates high-throughput screening of non-Fc containing IgGs.

  •  Not reliant on IgG Fc interactions
  •  Targeting the Fab domain of an IgG

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Add, mix & read


No sample preparation, short incubation, no wash steps

Cost Effective:

Low capex requirement

High- Throughput:

96/384 well plates

Automation Friendly:

Easy integration in any automation workflow


From discovery to manufacturing

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