Our Mission

ValitaCell’s mission is to accelerate the pace and reduce the cost of manufacturing innovative medicines. We are focused on enabling our biopharmaceutical customers to bring medicines to the patients that need them most, in the shortest length of time. The majority of drugs that advance to clinical trial fail before they make it to the market. This failure increases costs and delays life saving treatments for patients. Our team is focused on creating analytical technologies that empower scientists with rich cell data and insights earlier in the drug discovery and development process. We are committed to advancing human healthcare worldwide.

In September 2022, ValitaCell was acquired by Beckman Coulter Life Sciences. To learn more about this exciting development, read the press release here.

ValitaCell’s advanced analytics drive the automation, miniaturization and digitization needed to accelerate biomanufacturing and drive down its cost.

Our Locations

Dublin, Ireland

Head Office and Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) R&D center at NIBRT

Galway, Ireland

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) R&D center at Regenerative Medicine Institute, NUI Galway

Munich, Germany

Strategic manufacturing facility

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