If you want to ensure that innovative medicines are brought to those that need them, sustainably and equitably, then we want to work with you. We work with leading academics, biopharma and cell therapy companies to ensure the manufacturing of life saving medicines are as rapid, cost effective and sustainable as possible.

We are passionate about data driven decisions and process control. We’re always interested in speaking to:

  • Analytical platform vendors
  • Automation partners
  • Cell image hardware partners
  • Cell-based, data science solutions providers

Who We Partner With

Synthace has combined its software with ValitaCell technologies to showcase ease of automating IgG quantification.
ValitaCell is working with Intel’s global teams on a cutting edge AI project for cell imaging.
ValitaCell and Solentim have successfully deployed projects that optimise the development of new biologics and cell therapies.
ValitaCell has worked with Andrew Alliance to demonstrate the ease of automation for our technologies.
ValitaCell and Molecular Devices have created joint marketing initiatives to educate and inform global clients.
NIBRT is Ireland’s world-class bioprocessing facility with whom ValitaCell has collaborated with on a range of research projects.
ValitaCell’s Deepstain project with CeADAR (Ireland’s centre for applied AI) is using AI to power stem cell therapy manufacturing.


We take our partnerships very seriously. If you’d like to learn more, connect with our CEO directly at