Plate Readers

Valita®Titer plate readers configuration

Valita® Titer is compatible with many available plate readers and brands. The key requirement for the plate reader is that it must have a Fluoresence Polarisation (FP) detector and optical filters to measure FITC (Excitation max = 490, Emission max = 525).

FP technology is becoming more commonplace in labs worldwide and even if your plate reader does not have FP technology currently, many hardware companies can provide a cost effective upgrade.

Our scientific team have included below the most popular plate readers and the set up recommendations. If your plate reader is not listed, please contact us here

Manufacturer Instrument Valita®Titer configuration
CLARIOstar Download
POLARstar OMEGA Download
Molecular Devices SpectraMax i3x Download
SpectraMax iD5 Download
SpectraMax M5 Download
Paradigm Download
Biotek Synergy H1 Download
Synergy Neo 2 Download
General Download
Tecan Spark Download
Perkin Elmer Envision Download

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