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Clone robustness ranking early in the process: ChemStress simulates bioreactor stressful environments in a small scale culture.

Data-driven ranking analytics:
Test Clone robustness in response to small molecule stressors


Maximize performance in biomanufacturing based on deep cell function analytics

  • Select clones that are internally more robust
  • Rank your clones based on robustness
  • Enhance stability by identifying clones that are internally more stable
  • De-risks your process by selecting the most robust clones

ChemStress Clone Robustness Applications

ChemStress Clone Robustness Study


  • Selection of the best clone candidates is a significant and critical step to ensuring optimal performance in biomanufacturing 
  • Standard cell viability and titer measurements are not fully reflective of real bioprocessing environments



ChemStress  empowers the selection of only the most robust clones by analyzing cell functional responses to a panel of 21 small chemical molecules, challenging key production pathways, and mimicking recurrent bioprocess stresses cells are likely to experience in production.

By applying the ChemStress Robustness technology, it is possible to drive clone selection with rich functional performance information and advanced data analysis. The ChemStress robustness ranking offers an innovative and actionable index to streamline your clone selection and maximize the production value of your process.

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