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Rapid, high-throughput IgG quantification assay. Results in minutes not hours. Available in 96 & 384-well plate options.

Straight from culture to plates and results

  • No sample preparation required
  • No additional reagents required
  • No wash required
  • Measure IgG directly in cell suspension

Simplicity, speed, throughput and value

  • EASY: Add, Mix, Read
  • FAST: less than 10 minutes
  • AUTOMATION FRIENDLY: 3 steps in standard plates
  • COST EFFECTIVE: request a quote
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Rapid & Easy to Use

Valita®Titer is the fastest and easiest IgG quantification assay in the industry and has a number of advantages over other long and tedious techniques like ELISA and HPLC.

Total Assay Time for 96 or 384 samples < 10 minutes

Add Sample

Add cell suspension to the plate


Incubate for 5 minutes at Room Temperature

Measure IgG

Quantify IgG using a plate reader

Applicable in any IgG Quantification Workflow







  • Productivity Clone Ranking
  • Transfection QC for Productivity
  • Clone Expression Optimization
  • Stable Pool Characterization
  • Productivity Screening
  • Clone Ranking for Scale-up Selection
  • Process Optimization
  • Production Process Productivity Monitoring

Accurate & Precise Quantification

Valita®Titer is accurate and precise and results are well correlated to industry standard techniques like Protein A HPLC and BLI.


Valita®Titer product brochure

Product brochure: Valita®Titer IgG assay

Comparison of Valita®Titer to HPLC, BLI and ELISA for IgG quantification

Scientist using a Molecular Devices plate reader

Application Note: Valita®Titer and Molecular Devices

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