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Quantum is ValitaCell’s pioneering technology that drives a range of our innovative analytical products.

Quantum enables decision-making on Key Process Parameters and Critical Quality Attributes [e.g. product titer, tagged protein quantification, protein aggregation, Host Cell Protein, etc.] eliminating the need for complex and tedious alternatives during the biomanufacturing of life saving medicines.

Our Quantum technology is currently applied in the field of biologics and powers products such as Valita®Titer, one of the fastest and more robust high throughput IgG quantification assays on the market.

At ValitaCell, innovation is our passion and our R&D teams have product applications in development for the cell therapy industry.

Biologics Applications

IgG Quantification

Fc-containing IgG-based mAbs (Standard, Bispecific, Fusion Proteins)

Tagged Protein Screening

His-tagged recombinant proteins quantification

CQA Screening

Protein Aggregation and Host Cell Protein detection

Cell Therapy Applications

Extracellular Vesicle Quantification

Biomarker target specific profiling

Quantum Products