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Product brochure: ChemStress® Robustness assay

Learn how you can maximize the performance of Clone & Media in biomanufacturing by integrating  ChemStress® technology in your workflow.


Application Note: Rapid Rabbit IgG Quantification using Valita®Titer

Rodents, such as mice and rats are the dominant host for antibody production. However, a host such as rabbit is able to recognize a much broader diversity of antigens. In addition, antibodies produced by rabbits have exhibited a significantly higher affinity. This application note demonstrates the use of Valita®Titer as a high-throughput, rapid and precise tool for quantifying rabbit IgG.


Publication: A novel hydrogen peroxide evolved CHO host can improve the expression of difficult to express bispecific antibodies

Publication featuring ChemStress®. The manufacture of bispecific antibodies by Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells is often hindered by lower product yields compared to monoclonal antibodies. Publication outlines the generation of a novel hydrogen peroxide evolved host using directed host cell evolution.

Mistry et al., Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 118, (2021) 2326–2337.

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Application Note: Valita®Titer with Tecan

Discover how Valita®Titer’s high-throughput assay, combined with Tecan’s microplate reader, enables rapid measurement of IgG and FC region-containing proteins.


Product brochure: Valita®Titer IgG assay

Learn about Valita®Titer, the industry’s leading IgG quantification assay and discover its advantages vs. technologies such as HPLC and ELISA.

Scientist using a Molecular Devices plate reader

Application Note: Valita®Titer and Molecular Devices

Discover how Valita®Titer can be combined with Molecular Device’s microplate reader to provide a high-throughput IgG quantitation platform for clone screening during drug discovery and development.


Application Note: Valita®Titer with Synthace.

Discover how your lab can reduce total hands on time by 55% by combining  Valita®Titer with Synthace software for automated, high-throughput IgG quantification.

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ChemStress® Chemicals Specification

Discover ChemStress® chemicals concentrations, plate map and literature.

Active cell nucleus splitting

Publication: Cell function profiling to assess clone stability

Publication featuring ChemStress®. In cell line development the identification of stable CHO cells for production is a critical but onerous task. This publication outlines the use of ChemStress® cell function profiling that uses a panel of active chemicals to mimic known bioprocess stresses and challenge key pathways.

Dobson et al., Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2020; 1–5

Biological cells

Publication: A platform for context-specific genetic engineering of recombinant protein production by CHO cells

Publication describes and validates the development of a high-throughput microscale platform featuring Valita®Titer technology.  The platform was used to compare and identify optimal cell engineering solutions for both transient and stable production of a model DTE IgG1 monoclonal antibody.

Cartwright et al., Journal of Biotechnology 312 (2020) 11–22


Application Note: Valita®Titer with Andrew Alliance

Learn how the high-throughput, IgG assay Valita®Titer, operates seamlessly with Andrew Alliance automation software to reduce human error and increase the production of reproducible, reliable data.

Opentrons O2 Automation technology

Application Note: Valita®Titer with Opentrons

This application note demonstrates how Valita®Titer, combined with Opentrons OT-2 automation technology and software can deliver a cost-effective and reproducible solution for accurate IgG quantification throughout drug manufacturing.