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MSC Functional Characterization by ChemStress® technology for Media Design & Quality Control

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Simple & Rapid Analytics for Proteins, Cells & Media in Bioprocessing

  • High-Throughput Titer & Aggregation Quantification
  • Clone & Media Formulation Selection
  • High-Throughput Label-Free Cell Viability

Valita®Titer & Valita®Agg Poster

Learn about Valita®Titer, the industry’s leading IgG quantification assay and Valita®Agg assay to measure protein aggregation and discover their advantages vs. technologies such as HPLC and ELISA.

Valita®Titer brochure with IgG quantification data comparing HPLC, BLI & ELISA methods.

Rapid, high-throughput IgG quantification assay. Results in minutes not hours. Available in 96 & 384-well plate formats.


Do you work in biologics discovery, cell line development or process development?
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Quantifying canine IgG with Valita®Titer

Technical note: Rapid canine IgG quantification using Valita®Titer

The growing success of antibody therapies in humans has spurred an interest in developing similar therapies for dogs. Download our technical note to learn how Valita®Titer can be integrated into a canine IgG screening campaign, to facilitate high-throughput, low-cost IgG quantification and relative ranking for potential canine IgG therapies.

Valita®Titer poster

Simple, rapid & high-throughput IgG quantification in crude cell culture samples using Valita®Titer plates


Comparison of Valita®Titer to HPLC, BLI and ELISA for IgG quantification

Comparison of analysis attributes of ELISA, HPLC, BLI and Valita®Titer

Product brochure: ChemStress® Robustness assay

Learn how you can maximize the performance of Clone & Media in biomanufacturing by integrating  ChemStress® technology in your workflow.


Application Note: Rapid Rabbit IgG Quantification using Valita®Titer

Rodents, such as mice and rats are the dominant host for antibody production. However, a host such as rabbit is able to recognize a much broader diversity of antigens. In addition, antibodies produced by rabbits have exhibited a significantly higher affinity. This application note demonstrates the use of Valita®Titer as a high-throughput, rapid and precise tool for quantifying rabbit IgG.


Publication: A novel hydrogen peroxide evolved CHO host can improve the expression of difficult to express bispecific antibodies

Publication featuring ChemStress®. The manufacture of bispecific antibodies by Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) cells is often hindered by lower product yields compared to monoclonal antibodies. Publication outlines the generation of a novel hydrogen peroxide evolved host using directed host cell evolution.

Mistry et al., Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 118, (2021) 2326–2337.

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Application Note: Valita®Titer with Tecan

Discover how Valita®Titer’s high-throughput assay, combined with Tecan’s microplate reader, enables rapid measurement of IgG and FC region-containing proteins.