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Fully automated media analysis for MediaQC & MediaDev

ValitaCell and Arctoris transform Media Development by combining automation with novel assay technology: ChemStress.

Valita®Titer product brochure

Product brochure: ValitaTiter IgG assay

Learn about ValitaTiter, the industry’s leading IgG quantification assay and discover its advantages vs. technologies such as HPLC and ELISA.

Scientist using a Molecular Devices plate reader

Application Note: ValitaTiter and Molecular Devices

Discover how ValitaTiter can be combined with Molecular Device’s microplate reader to provide a high-throughput IgG quantitation platform for clone screening during drug discovery and development.

Application Note: ValitaTiter with Synthace.

Discover how your lab can reduce total hands on time by 55% by combining  ValitaTiter with Synthace software for automated, high-throughput IgG quantification.

Cell culture patent

ChemStress Chemicals Specification

Discover ChemStress chemicals concentrations, plate map and literature.

Active cell nucleus splitting

Publication: Cell function profiling to assess clone stability

Publication featuring ChemStress. In cell line development the identification of stable CHO cells for production is a critical but onerous task. This publication outlines the use of ChemStress cell function profiling that uses a panel of active chemicals to mimic known bioprocess stresses and challenge key pathways.

Dobson et al., Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 2020; 1–5

Biological cells

Publication: A platform for context-specific genetic engineering of recombinant protein production by CHO cells

Publication describes and validates the development of a high-throughput microscale platform featuring ValitaTiter technology.  The platform was used to compare and identify optimal cell engineering solutions for both transient and stable production of a model DTE IgG1 monoclonal antibody.

Cartwright et al., Journal of Biotechnology 312 (2020) 11–22

Application Note: ValitaTiter with Andrew Alliance

Learn how the high-throughput, IgG assay ValitaTiter, operates seamlessly with Andrew Alliance automation software to reduce human error and increase the production of reproducible, reliable data.

Opentrons O2 Automation technology

Application Note: ValitaTiter with Opentrons

This application note demonstrates how ValitaTiter, combined with Opentrons OT-2 automation technology and software can deliver a cost-effective and reproducible solution for accurate IgG quantification throughout drug manufacturing.


Publication: High-throughput quantitation of Fc-containing recombinant proteins in cell culture supernatant by fluorescence polarization spectroscop

Publication featuring ValitaTiter. Measurement of recombinant protein product titer critically underpins all biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development. This publication describes the use of ValitaTiter, a rapid 96-well assay, that enables high-throughput quantitation of recombinant immunoglobulin G and Fc-containing IgG derivatives in mammalian cell culture supernatant. 

Thompson et al., Analytical Biochemistry, 534 (2017) 49-55