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Application Note: Valita®Titer with Andrew Alliance

Learn how the high-throughput, IgG assay Valita®Titer, operates seamlessly with Andrew Alliance automation software to reduce human error and increase the production of reproducible, reliable data.

Opentrons O2 Automation technology

Application Note: Valita®Titer with Opentrons

This application note demonstrates how Valita®Titer, combined with Opentrons OT-2 automation technology and software can deliver a cost-effective and reproducible solution for accurate IgG quantification throughout drug manufacturing.


Publication: High-throughput quantitation of Fc-containing recombinant proteins in cell culture supernatant by fluorescence polarization spectroscop

Publication featuring Valita®Titer. Measurement of recombinant protein product titer critically underpins all biopharmaceutical manufacturing process development. This publication describes the use of Valita®Titer, a rapid 96-well assay, that enables high-throughput quantitation of recombinant immunoglobulin G and Fc-containing IgG derivatives in mammalian cell culture supernatant. 

Thompson et al., Analytical Biochemistry, 534 (2017) 49-55