Molecular Devices China & ValitaCell webinar

Molecular Devices China and ValitaCell

Join Xiao Liu from Molecular Devices China and ValitaCell’s Robert Ryan to learn how Chinese biopharmaceutical clients can integrate ValitaCell’s Valita®Titer IgG assay with Molecular Devices microplate readers to generate a high-throughput, low cost solution to IgG quantification. This webinar is mostly presented in Chinese language with an English language explanation of Valita®Titer.

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AstraZeneca and ChemStress®

In this webinar, Dr. Raj Mistry, Senior Scientist, Cell Line Development & Engineering Department with AstraZeneca, discusses how a novel hydrogen peroxide evolved CHO host can improve the expression of industrially relevant difficult-to-express bispecific antibodies. Dr. Mistry will highlight the role of ValitaCell’s ChemStress® technology in this study.

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Molecular Devices and ValitaCell

Accurate and precise measurement of monoclonal antibodies is essential in the discovery and development of innovative medicines. In this webinar with Molecular Devices, you’ll learn about a high-throughput, low cost solution to IgG quantification combining ValitaCell’s Valita®Titer IgG assay with Molecular Devices microplate readers.

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GSK, Tecan and ValitaCell

Antibodies are the cornerstone of pharmaceuticals, from oncology to immunology. But how do we quantify them? Discover how GSK combine Valita®Titer with the Tecan Spark® Cyto to generate high-throughput, IgG analysis thereby enhancing automation and reducing human error.

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Synthace & ValitaCell

Automated, High-Throughput IgG Quantification

We combined Synthace and Valita®Titer to simply and efficiently perform an off-the-shelf, rapid IgG quantification assay.

Combine minimal automation training with 55% reduction in total hands-on time.

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Tecan and ValitaCell

Bioprocessing webinar series 2020.

Ten speakers both from academia and industry presented their research and solutions for development and production of biologicals.

Featured webinar from Pfizer’s Principle Scientist, Jason Wade:

“A High Throughput Antibody Production Process – Generating Thousands of Proteins and Bispecific Antibodies at the 1 – 2mg scale”

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Andrew+ & ValitaCell

Automating the Valita®Titer IgG Assay with the Andrew+ Pipetting Robot , ensuring excellent reproducibility.

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Opentrons & Valita®Titer

Automated, Rapid & Reproducible Measurement of Immunoglobulin G using Opentrons OT-2 liquid handling robot and Valita®Titer

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